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Medulla Art Gallery

I had already started to build a multi-use space for my architecture practice and for a contemporary art gallery and workshop space when I got caught by my "cocoa jumbie" in 2008.

After I realized my fate was sealed in cocoa, the kitchen area grew dramatically and the design draughting area shrunk! Though my plans for architecture have been altered, Medulla Art Gallery is in full swing.

Medulla, as the name implies, provides a core space for art education through alternative artistic expression and public participation. Martin Mouttet and Geoffrey MacLean are the curators and use Medulla to show the importance of art as a social expression, including art as a medium for therapy and growth. Workshops will form a part of all of our exhibitions and include introductions not only to painting, but sculpture, print making, media, art therapy. Medulla's first presentation was the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival’s New Media by Holly Bynoe and Nadia Huggins. 

Cocobel Chocolate is to be used as a vehicle to offer more exposure to our local and regional contemporary artists.

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