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“I AM IN LOVE with making chocolate, every aspect of it.” 
– Isabel Brash, chocolatier and founder, Cocobel Chocolate

Cocobel Chocolate is a labour of love, a journey of discovery through the mystical properties of fine quality cocoa and delicious locally flavoured chocolate.

Cocobel chooses quality single estate cocoa grown in Trinidad to make fine chocolate and chocolate confectionery, to delight the chocolate lover.

At Cocobel, the transformation of this age-old indigenous agricultural product – cocoa – into an internationally valuable and prized commodity – chocolate – effects transformation in the producers as well as participants in the final product.

At Cocobel, we realise that chocolate has the power to seduce, satisfy and heal the heart. We believe that our chocolate made from Trinidad and Tobago beans can be among the most potent and highly regarded in all the world.

Cocobel’s aim therefore is to create chocolate that may be considered “food of the gods” – to give pleasure, to raise hope or lift spirits. In so doing, we believe that we are able to elevate producers, communities and our country as participants in an enchanting and purposeful chocolate adventure.

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